Complexe El Mechtel, Avenue Ouled Haffouz, B.P 61 Bab El Khadra 1075-Tunisie

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General Director : 

Mr. Lassaad Zarrouk

Social reason : 

Mutual education insurance. MAE

Activité : 

Insurance all branches.

Forme : 

Mutual insurance company governed by the Insurance Code and Decree No. 92.2257 of 12/31/1992

The head office : 

Complexe El Mechtel, Avenue Ouled Haffouz B.P 61 Bab El khadra 1075 - Tunis RC Tunis N ° B1551998

Accommodation : 

Topnet: Ground floor of the Topnet North urban center head office, Tunis 1080, TUNIS TUNIS CEDEX Tunisia

N° phone : 

+216 71185000


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