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Vous souhaitez déclarer un sinistre ?
Do you want to report a claim?

In the event of a traffic accident

Steps to follow

The accident just happened

In case of damage

If there is only material damage:

Please present the insurance certificate and your driving license and then complete at the scene of the accident and carefully with the other driver an amicable report.

In the presence of bodily injury:

You must immediately inform the police or the National Guard. Then alert the emergency services if necessary.


L'accident vient de survenir

The amicable report

What to do in case of disagreement with the opposing party?

If the opposing party refuses to complete the report together:

Take care to note its registration number and collect as many testimonies as possible.

The opposing party flees:

Do not delay in filing a complaint with the nearest police or National Guard.

Le constat amiable

Documents required when drawing up the report

If possible, use a ballpoint pen so that the writing on the duplicate of the report is as legible as possible. When writing the report and in order to better fill in the necessary fields, please provide you with the following documents:

  • Insurance certificate
  • Driver's license
  • Gray card
The report for download1.12 MB
Pièces nécessaires au moment de la rédaction du constat

Multi-risk home

What should I do ?

In case of fire

In case of fire

In the event of a fire disaster, use the necessary means to limit the damage and safeguard the insured property. In fact, you have 5 working days to report your claim to the MAE.

This declaration must include:

  • The date of the fire.
  • The cause of the fire if you know it
  • A description of the damage caused by the fire (or explosion) as well as an initial estimate of the damage.

Note: the member is required to provide a civil protection certificate in the event of a fire incident.

En cas des dégats des eaux

In case of water damage

Report the claim to the MAE to your insurer and have a report drawn up by the expert commissioned. Please use all means to limit the damage and safeguard the insured property.

For the smooth running of the claim procedure, please notify the MAE within 5 days of the date of occurrence of the claim. This notice must include:

  • Your contract number
  • The nature, cause and circumstances of the incident.
  • An estimated state of damage.

Note: Once the damage has been repaired ... Carefully fill in the documents supporting the repairs.

En cas de vol

In case of theft

You have been the victim of a theft, the MAE provides you with our best advice in order to benefit from the best compensation.

Secure the premises:

- If you have the lock changed, keep the damaged one until the expert passes.

- Your intervention must be limited to emergency repairs. Definitive repairs can be carried out later. So do not engage in work for which you risk not being compensated.

File a complaint:

File a complaint with the authorities, before any final repair, secure the premises and keep the evidence of the break-in for the expert.

Carefully keep the receipt of the complaint:

You must send it to us with your claim.

Make a loss assessment:

List the damage that has been caused to your home (fractured doors, forced locks, broken windows, etc.).

Then make a detailed statement of your goods that have been damaged or stolen, and gather supporting documents proving the existence or the value of these goods (invoices, means of proof, etc.)

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